Young Israel Temporarily Closed

To Our Dear Friends of Young Israel of Ottawa,


It is with a heavy heart and eyes filled with tears, that we write to inform you that due to the spread of Covid-19, our shul will be closing its doors until further notice. This was not a decision that was made lightly and was only done after consultation with Gedolim and health professionals. This is a very hard time for our community and the Jewish people.


While our physical location will close, we will do our best to continue to serve the spiritual needs of our congregation. Classes will continue, as best as possible, through conference calls and video conferencing. Please stay tuned for details.


Although we will no longer be davening together, we should all try to daven at regular shul times, so that we can maintain some semblance of davening together.


This is a time when the Jewish people really need our prayers. Let us all commit to increasing the intensity of our prayers and our Torah learning to serve as a merit in these trying times.


Subject to any new public health pronouncements the shul will be open tomorrow morning, March 16, from 7-8 AM for anyone who would like to pick up their stuff. For alternative times please contact us.


We as a community, both local and global, have weathered difficult times before. And we will again. While we must isolate physically please take this opportunity to reach out to your fellow community members so that they know they are not alone. The truth is that we will best get through this isolating time only if we do it together.


Very truly yours,


Rabbi Gavriel Rudin

Mrs. Shayna Kahane