Security Update

May 28, 2021


Hello Friends,


I hope this letter finds you well. As you are all aware, for the past few weeks our brothers and sisters in Israel have been under a constant threat of terrorist attack. Unfortunately this situation has also led to a large number of anti-semitic attacks in Jewish communites throughout the world. While we are not aware of any specific threats to our community, we must remain vigilant. The shul has recently made a number of security upgrades that we wanted to let you know about. 


  1. A number of rooms in the shul have been designated as safe-rooms and have been fitted with deadbolts. Please take note of them next time you are in shul. 

  2. There are a number of panic buttons placed throughout the shul. Please make sure that you know where these are kept. 

  3. A state of the art security system and cameras have been installed. 

  4. Security window film has been added to all of the windows. 

  5. We have replaced the lock on the front door and going forward, it will remain locked even during services. 


If you have any questions about any of these features, please reach out to Rabbi Rudin, Mr. Issie Scarowsky or Mrs. Shayna Kahane. We hope that these features will never need to be used but we will continue to remain vigilant. 


As always we know that ultimately our protection comes from Hashem, who does not sleep nor slumber. Please continue to daven for the safety of Jews in Israel and all over the world. 


Truly Yours, 


Rabbi Gavriel Rudin Mrs. Shayna Kahane
Rabbi Board Chair