Exciting Shul Update

June 30, 2021


Hello Friends,


We hope this letter finds you well. Baruch Hashem we have seen very promising news regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Infection numbers are very low and vaccine numbers are high. We remain cautiously optimistic that we are nearing the end of the pandemic that has affected all of us for the past year and a half. The province has moved into stage 2 of the reopening plan, which allows our shul to relax some of its restrictions. With this in mind, we are happy to make the following announcements:


  • All family members are allowed in shul, provided that they adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

  • Out-of-town guests are allowed in shul.

  • Starting this week, we will have a light outdoor kiddush, where the drasha will be delivered, weather permitting. There will be no seating for this week, and it will not be lunch.

  • Children’s programs will be starting up again slowly, starting with afternoon groups with parsha, stories and snacks. This program will take place at the JCC park at 3 P.M. Please plan to remain at the park for the duration of the program to help with supervision and social distancing. 

  • More exciting programs to be announced in the very near future. 

  • All mask and social distancing guidelines remain the same. 


While this is a very exciting time, we must also remain cautious and continue to adhere to all social distancing guidelines, as we have been doing until now. We continue to daven that things continue to improve and we can once again run our shul back at full strength. We look forward to greeting everyone back in shul as soon as their medical professionals advise them that it is safe to return. 


As always, if there is anything the shul can do to help you, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


Truly Yours,


Rabbi Gavriel Rudin Mrs. Shayna Kahane

Rabbi Board Chair