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Virtual Chanukah Party

Young Israel, 1762 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 2H7

Shabbos Drashot

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Minyan Update

We are profoundly grateful that our community has maintained high standards of social distancing for several months to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all extremely eager to return to shul after the difficulty of being away from it for such an extended period of time. After careful halachic consideration and consultation with medical experts, we will begin having minyan starting Friday, June 13 - the date our region of the Province moves into phase 2.
We make this announcement with both joy and trepidation. Joy because davening with a minyan is so central to our religious lives, and we have felt the pain of its absence for almost three months. Trepidation because the Torah's mandate to preserve life is even greater than that of davening with a minyan, which is why we closed our Shul in the first place.
While the reopening of minyanim is a wonderful opportunity, we need to be vigilant to an extraordinary degree to ensure that our gathering will not lead to any compromise whatsoever with regard to safety. We need to feel confident that no one's life will be endangered on account of a minyan. To do this properly, we need everyone's cooperation.
Everyone who plans to attend minyan MUST REGISTER with the Rabbi. Please do so by 4:00 PM ON THURSDAY so we can properly prepare the shul. Anyone who is higher risk due to age or a medical condition must consult with their medical advisers before registering. Only men over the age of 13 and women above the age of 12 will be allowed into shul at this time.
If anyone feels uncomfortable participating in a minyan, they should not feel any guilt in choosing to stay home. The desire to be extra-cautious is a legitimate reason to be exempted from davening with a minyan.
Those who register will be provided with further instructions to ensure that the safety of congregants is ensured. All rules will be strictly enforced. Any infractions will be considered putting someone's life in danger and will not be tolerated. If you have any questions, please contact the Rabbi.
We thank you for your cooperation and patience and look forward to davening together.
Rabbi Gavriel Rudin Mrs. Shayna Kahane
Rabbi Vice-President

New Class in Daf Yomi announced

Rabbi Rudin will be giving a Daf Yomi shiur according to the schedule in the calendar

CPR Information

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Young Israel, 1762 Carling Avenue

Learn CPR and the use of the shul's automatic defibrillator (ZOLL AEDPLUS) by watching the following Videos.